Monday, June 28, 2010


Time for a change of pace, thank God! This can is tight with a design at the top. Its from the EU.

Taste-Natural is the game here. Sparkling water with juices from lemon juice, partially concentrated yerba mate flavours, barely, malt, ginger, and lemon grass. Weird thing is it doesn't taste half bad past the initial sparkling water taste.


Buzz-Just pointing this out, I haven't slept in almost 4 days and these energy drinks are defiantly helping! 500 mgs l-carnitine and rhodiola rose. 33.26 mgs vitC. 9,979 mgs niacin (holy cow!) 3,326 mgs vitB5 (shit!) 50% rda vitB6,B12 and B1.


Total amount of mgs-14,448.7

Over all rating-7.25/10


  1. man all those cans arent yours there on google you fake!