Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tiger by Nolan

I almost forgot to review this,this is another export from the energy drink outlet,it is from uhhh I have no idea,maybe poland.But anyway its just a red bull clone of course.

Taste-Just a mediocre red bull clone.


Buzz-WOW,if its not from america you cant expect serious energy.32 mgs caffeine(and it says warning high caffeine content) thats less than a can of coke,ok but anyway 7.2 some thing some thing niacin (I know this isnt the same as the american way of RDAs)1.8 mgs pantothenic anid,1.8 mgs vit.b6,.54 mgs riboflavin,.18 mgs vit.b12,also .04% RDA taurine(wtf) and .02 % RDA inositol what, they have RDAs for those things,and .02% WOW!Mybe Im reading it wrong.


Over all rating-3/10

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