Sunday, April 8, 2012

Killer Fish

Cool can. Hot drink.

Taste- Cant tell if this is my mind playing tricks on me or what but this seems like a spicy red bull. It just seems hot in two ways, a very slight burning sensation and as if the drink was made in the desert and feels hot. But I drank it cold. I'm pretty sure both of these are coming from my head since the can says hot. If not I guess its something unique? If so its just a bad Red Bull clone.


Buzz- Cant we find a clone out there with a energy blend not also the same as Red Bulls? Why doesn't everything have to be so uniform! .26 mgs vitamin B610 mgs bioton and 1.2 mgs vitamin B12. 32 mgs caffeine.


Total amount of mgs-43.47 per 100 ml

Over all rating-3.5/10

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