Friday, July 17, 2009

Ghostbusters ectoplasm

Haha like my Harley Davidson lamp?But this camp is hella cool especially if you like gostbusters.Usually bostan american comes out with drinks to promote things,I guess this is for the game that just came out.But I also love how they come up with cool names for every one of there drinks like this one says ectoplasm which is the stuff to get rid of those pesky ghosts.Oh and this drink has the crappy red bull formula,well its not crappy but its not as good as the other one which tastes like rockstar but this has a bad energy blend,only 50% RDA vit.B6 and B12.


  1. What does it taste like, is it green, and how about a rating? This could be a hot site and would bring you alot of traffic($).

  2. this is just one of many drinks made by the same company,they all taste the same so I dont rate any of them,I just put it up there so you can see the can.