Thursday, December 16, 2010


Went to this gas station looking for the new java monster and found these beauties. This new rockstar is obviously for chicks with the nifty added straw, why? Because females think they're special and can have straws so the carbonation doesn't ruin their dainty teeth. And don't forget everything must be pretty and pink in a women's world.

Taste- With the straw 10. Without the straw 8.5. Yes it makes that much of a difference. With the straw it seems like the liquid reaches the back of your tongue and sides so you get a better tasting. When you sip it, it just seems a lot blander. But I love the flavor especially for being completely sugar free. The liquid is pink and so is the flavor, it doesn't have a fruit or berry taste but it still has a "bright" flavor.


Buzz- Yay so now women can put on their make up faster! 100% RDA folic acid and vitamin b3, b5, b6 and b12. 1000 mgs taurine, 120 caffeine and 100 mgs ginseng. Just enough for them I suppose.


Total amount of mgs-1658

Over all rating-8/10


  1. What gas station? I can't find them anywhere and I want one... I love rockstar energy drinks!

  2. Try speedway I find them there all of the time!

  3. try Speedway I find them there all of the time!

  4. First off, the straw is for lipstick. So you dont mess it up. Secondly, we dont drink energy drinks to put on make up faster. You must be twelve or live with your mommy. Last you can get them at yokes or urms.

  5. I'd love to try it but i don't know if they sell it in Canada yet? :O I love it tho can't wait to taste it :D One thing i think the straw would be so cool if they would groove it out and make it pink with black swirls written rockstar in a girly front :) Girls do you agree? ;)

  6. They could also give part of the profits to the breast cancer foundation that would get alot of girls and women to buy it. Angelique D.R

  7. Tryed it once about 5-6months ago when i found it in America. I liked it but found it weak and figured you would need 2 for a decent buzz somehow and guess what lst week they started showing up in Canada here I live(Ontario)drug stores,grocery stores and I 1st saw them in Corner store's. I bought 2 and will probably drink they both this week. cheers