Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Max Velocity: Berry Pomegranate - Sugar Free

Left my cans in the back seat for one day and they are destroyed. I should be more careful with my collector drinks. Especially the ones I cant get around here.

Taste- Like I said last week; Ive had so many sugar free berry drinks lately and I know how they are all going to taste. This one came along just to prove me wrong, not that its good but it doesn't have the splenda fake berry taste. Drinks like that they just try to hard, usually to appeal to the female crowd. This is just a cheap drink where they didn't give a fuck, but it tastes just like any dulled out flavor just not bitter and too nasty. Quite the opposite with the vitamin dust taste.


Buzz- Probably your typical energy drink/red bull blend made with taurine, caffeine and B vitamins. This seems to be the basic and  most easy route for energy drink company's to take now a' days. 90% rda Vitamin B3. 240% vitamin B6. 80% vitamin B12 and 45% vitamin B12.


Over all rating-4/10

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  1. Try XS energy drink its all natural.