Monday, November 28, 2011

Monster: Rehab - Protean

I'm not quite sure if Ive ever been this excited to review a drink. Before I open the can Ill tell you why. When I reviewed the first rehab I said what a genius idea this was because why do people mainly need energy? For working out/playing sports/exorcising, and that's why it was so smart to make a low calorie uncarbonated monster that's refreshing and has electrolytes like Gatorade. But I said the only thing its missing is protein. If they made rehab with protein it would be the most revolutionary drink in the world. And here it is!

Taste- I was told by my friend Nick that it tastes like a beauty salon and by that I didn't know what to expect. It does, it reminds me of licking make up because it looks like it would tastes good but it doesn't. It even has not a chalky pallet but a bitter one that numbs your mouth as an after taste and gets worse as you drink. You can without a doubt tell its low calorie this time and its supposedly a tea but you would never guess its made with white and black tea. I expected a little less because of the protein and I was going to give it a break but they could have added even more without making it taste like a candle or some lipstick.

RATING- 5/10

Buzz- Now the bad taste doesn't even matter. We now have 3200 mgs, almost as much as original with all the rehab ingredients plus yerba mate in the blend and 15gs non soy protein! I really wish they would have added more protein. For me when I go to the gym I usually drink 150gs (which is way too much, you should have about 65gs in one sitting) 200 mgs ginseng. 1000 mgs taurine and 100% of all your B vitamins.


Total amount of mgs-19438

Over all rating-7.5/10


  1. Do you know how / where to get these new Monsters in England? We only get Original, Lo Carb, Ripper & Khaos. I want to try all these flavours soooo bad, your site just makes me jealous lol! :D

  2. @anonymous in england. If you go to Monsters website and on the bottom right corner, click brand finder and type in whatever it asks you to define your city/area your in like for me in the U.S., it would be my area code for my county. So whatever info it needs from you, it'll take it and tell you and give you store locations from 1-100 miles and what each location sells.

  3. yes! you described the tast perfectly.

  4. I started drinking these about 20 minutes before my workouts, and booom!!What a difference

  5. you're a damn idiot

  6. The taste is like licking paper.

  7. I LOOOOOOOOVE the taste :D