Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rip it: Lemoan'R

I love my rip its. I think I drink them more than any other energy drink. For obvious reasons.

Taste-They nailed it. One of the best rip its. Its odd that the best ones are harder to find like the lemon lime one, ginzinger or atomic pom. Its so funny that they keep using sexual puns for their drink names. You can really taste the raspberry lemonade but its also got a great soda flavor without being too candy like. Like I said they nailed it. I definitely recommend this flavor. Great idea to do raspberry lemo instead of being easy and just trying pink lemonade.


Buzz-1010 mgs taurine. 102 mgs caffine. 100 mgs inositol. 3mgs gaurana. 100% rda of the rest of your b vitamins and 120% vitamin c. Always a decent buzz for your dollar. Looks like they're sticking with this blend.


Total amount of mgs-1693

Over all rating-7.75/10

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