Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hunid racks

Yo yo yo,I had to make a trip all the way to the west side for this and almost got shot,well not really but I had some close encounters,those people weren't nice.

Taste-A crisp refreshing citrus, gangster style.


Buzz-21 mgs niacin.5.25 mgs vitB6.5.04 mgs vitB12.52.5 mgs pantothenic acid(WOW!)1050 mgs taurine.105 mgs glucuronolactone.84 mgs caffeine,52.5 mgs ginseng.52.5 mgs gaurana.26.25 mgs l-carnitine and inositol.Get your hustle on!


Total amount of mgs-1,378.26

Over all rating-8.25/10

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