Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beaver buzz:green tea

You can drink this one before you go play hockey. Or before you go moose hunting, oh wait that's Alaska.

Taste-A real raw tasting green tea that tastes like it was made fresh with all natural ingredients. Buts that's probably not the case. When you drink it, it reminds you of pine trees and the good outdoors. That's kind of ironic. But its defiantly a new taste for green teas and even though it tastes weird I can still enjoy it. I wouldn't say its dam good.


Buzz-Developed by athletes, enjoyed by everyone.1,424mgs taurine. 188 mgs caffeine. 142 mgs gaurana and ginseng. 8.7 mgs vitB6. 2.5 mgs vitB2. 2.2 mgs calcium disphosphate. 26 mgs vitB12. 3563 iu vitA and 14.5 iu vitE.


Total amount of mgs-5,368.7

Over all rating-6.5/10

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