Friday, April 24, 2009

Sun Tzu Energy Drink review by Nick

Sun Tzu is pronounced Soon-zuh, just to clear that up. Sun Tzu was a Chinese military commander around 500BC. He wrote a book called "The Art of War" and there is version made entirely of bamboo. Will this drink drink teach us the secrets of war?

- I was deeply saddened to find that this was a Red Bull clone. It sometimes has a tart flavor to it. It seems to be a little sweeter than Red Bull and dries your mouth out quite good. Don't drink this if your thirsty, it'll just dehydrate you.
RATING - 5/10

Buzz - Maybe the art of war is to conserve energy? This blend is a bit weak, it doesn't list the amounts of the blend. Since this drink didn't give me much energy, I'd have to say that's it's definitlybelow average.
RATING - 3/10


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  1. 80 mg of caffiene, 1000mg taurine and beyond what most of the items you "critique" have in them for science. We are proud not to be red bull as red bull tastes horrible(in my opinion). I spent four years developing a "americanized pallete" for flavor, Sorry it doesn't meet your standards. So much to say but i will respect your opinion and wish you luck on your site. Thanks for the review.
    Terry Barker