Friday, July 24, 2009


Man was I fatigued today,but while I was laying on the couch bored to tears I hear the door bell ring and to my surprise a package of four waves,two hats and a nice post card greet me.

Taste-Wowa defiantly one of the strangest energy drinks Ive tasted yet!Its a red bull clone with no bitterness at all but a ton and ton of odd tasting wheatyness.It bad tasting but good tasting at the same time,you just want to keep drinking even tho it doesn't stay cold or carbonated long.I'm sorry wave but your just to odd for me.


Buzz-Well I wasn't fatigued or tired any more so it worked. 0.3 mgs thiamin.2.2 mgs riboflavin.28 mgs niacin.7.1 mgs vit.B6.4 mgs vit.B4 and 7.1 mgs pantothenic acid. That's not a lot of vitamins at all for tasting so wheaty.1,690 mgs taurine,caffeine,inositol,l-lysine,choline bitartrate and gaurana.Theres a couple hard to find ingredients in there.


Total amount of mgs-1,738.70

Over all rating-6/10

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