Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rockstar: Hydration - Coconut water

Merry Christmas everybody! Its not often that Ill get to do a review on Christmas but I found these two new rockstars so that was an awesome early Christmas present for me and you guys can get the reviews for a present from me!

Taste-Seeing that pretty can with my favorite color got me very excited and seeing coconut water got me even more excited. But after hearing that sound of a can without carbonated pressure open I was let down in an instant. It should be really refreshing like a taste with barely any sweetener if what that should have gone for but they over did it on the sucrose and it just tastes gross. Like thicker water with fake sugar. But the first second of yummy coconut is what made me keep drinking, and it is real coconut juice with 10% in the can!


Buzz-I will probably buy this often. Not because I like it but because its like the most intriguing drink for me. I mean I love the idea of coconut juice and I'm in love with the can plus I like the hydration energy drinks for working out and I like to keep it unique. Because surely none of my friends will buy this. The blend is lame with only 1000 mgs taurine, 80 mgs caffeine, 50 mgs ginseng and 25 mgs milk thistle and all your b vitamins, it seems they cut out the prickly pear like the other hydration drinks have. But I do give it extra credit for the electrolytes. I wonder why they don't say how much is in them.


Total amount of mgs-1,205

Over all rating-6.25/10

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  1. is there anywhere to buy this online? I've only found it at Albertson's grocery store and even then, it's usually only a few cans that are available :(