Saturday, July 4, 2009

Go fast:orange county chopper

Now this is the rarest energy drink that I have,and according to taurine rules it was the second rarest energy in the world and he never got it.So if he was still around he would be very jealous.But how I got it was,I was at a hardcore music festival and go fast was sponsoring it and they were giving away free cans,and only this version.

Taste-My friend nick said it was the weirdest energy drink he has ever tasted and he has tasted over 500 but for me it was a nice strawberry flavor but a different strawberry flavor that I cant descibe.


Buzz-This has a lot of mgs in ingredients that usually dont,so mad props for that!2.4 mgs riboflavin.28 mgs niacin.4 mgs vit.B6.11 mgs vit.B12.14 mgs pantothenic acid.1,400 mgs taurine.700 mgs ribose.350 mgs ginseng!110 mgs gaurana.110 mgs ginko biloba!35 mgs inositol and 70 mgs milk thistle!


Total amount of mgs-2,834.40

Over all rating-8.75/10

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