Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Freek,arguably the best tasting line of energy drinks.To bad there gone,why is this happening more and more drinks are showing up on big lots shelf's,somebody save the energy drinks before they all turn into shots.

Taste-Well as for taste it is supposed to be a grape /fruit punch inspired drink. When I pour it I get the scent of grape and the color is a light purple. I definitely taste the grape up front and then the fruit punch at the back. This is a really sweet drink and it has a bit of sourness you can feel at the back of your jaws. I detected no medicinal flavor at all. It has a medium carbonation and is easy to drink. If you like grape this is the drink for you. I really enjoyed the flavor and would probably drink it again.


Buzz-60 mgs vit.C.2 mgs vit.B6.400 mgs folic acid and 6 mgs vit.B12.1016 mgs taurine.85 mgs caffeine.100 mgs inositol and 4 mgs gaurana and ginseng which are pointless in that amount.


Total amount of mgs-2,145

Over all rating-8.5/10


  1. i have a can of freek psycho and im interested in selling if anybody is interested contact me @

    1. i would like to buy from you. im just going to look up the pricing so i dont get skanked by u lol