Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monster:chai hai by nolan

This is truly a gift from God,its about time somebody took some really delicious drink and put energy ingredients in it.

Taste-Chai is the shit,whether hot or cold its so good its got the right blend of spices with cream and black tea,oh so good.But some people think the total opposite than me and think chai is the sickest thing ever made(take nick for example)so i guess it could just be my opinion,but let me know if you guys like this drink.


Buzz-You got your regular monster blend with a plus.4 gs of protein,152 mgs calcium,80 mgs vit.a,30 mgs vit.c,30 mgs vit.d,125 mgs potassium,100 mgs phosphorus.


Total amount of mgs-4,121.70

Over all rating-9.75/10


  1. by that i meant that this drink is the sickest thing ever made(just to clear that up)

  2. i love it !!! (k.energy)