Monday, May 4, 2009

Euphoric energy:banana strawberry by Nolan

Welcome to some of the most unique flavored energy drinks out there.

Taste-A great flavor of banana and strawberry,with banana being the star.The flavors do not taste artificial at all even tho they are.My only regret is that it had just a pinch more sweetness,the same problem is in all the drinks.


Buzz-5 mgs vit.B12,10 mgs potassium,70 mgs caffeine,600 mgs taurine,25 mgs ginseng,40 mgs damiana leaf extract,80 mgs inositol,30 mfs maca root extract(that's a new one) and 50 mgs suma root extract(that's new also)


Total amount of mgs-910

Over all rating-7/10

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