Thursday, April 2, 2009

Antimatter by Nolan

Now whats cooler than drinking stuff from space? This drink actually contains ingredients from space that helps your mental focus,reaction time and physical stamina.It also says the launch date and vehicle sent to get those ingredients.

Taste-A bit like the bostan american clone with the good formula,but I actually prefer this one cuz its more refreshing and has a hint of cinnamon on the back end,when it was out I was sad.


Buzz-60 mgs vit.c,20 mgs niacin,7 mgs vit.b6,11 mgs vit.b12,5 mgs pantothenic acid,50 mgs l-arginine,ginseng,guarana,ginko biloba,milk thistle,grape seed,guto kola and cinnamon.75 mgs taurine,glururonolactone.25 mgs inositol and 80 mgs caffeine.


Total amount of mgs-713

Over all rating-6.5/10

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