Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monster:mixxed by Nolan

This is probley the most underground monster,alot of people don't know about it.Its probley the worst one also.

Taste-There is so many flavors in this drink you don't know what it is,it ends up tasting kind of grapish.I guess that's why they call it mixxed.Its a little to sweet for me and every one that ive had got flat really soon.But id say this would be a great mixer,and that's probley what they made it for.


Buzz-Of course the buzz will always be there,you got your regular monster energy blend plus 20 mgs of calcium.


Total amount of mgs-3,749.70

Over all rating-8/10


  1. I'm drinking one right now and I can tell you it doesn't taste ANYTHING like grape. It's very sweet as you say but it taste like apples and ginger, a spiced flavor. It may be purple but it's not grape.

  2. It tastes like moxie to me. Its disgusting.