Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fuel: Green apple

Ive passed this drink up before thinking Ive already reviewed it but its a totally different drink with the same flavor as a similar "less intense" drink called atom bomb.

Taste- Apple candy. If you like this kind o taste in your pop but cant stand the usual sickening sweetness that comes with it you will like this drink. I was expecting a lot sweeter of a drink so I had low cal in my mind the whole time I was drinking it. Its pretty average, nothing to write home about and you have to have that little kid feeling to drink it. Also it has a very nice smooth finish with a perfect after taste. That's probably the best part.


Buzz- I love when I can tell that a energy drink actually worked (since I drink so many) and this one did. I had a good feeling buzz going for about 4 hours with no crash. 1000 mgs taurine. 5 mgs gaurana, glucuronolactone and inositol. 100 mgs l-carnitine a nice metabolism booster, and this drink has enough for it to show some effect. 120 mgs caffeine which would be 240 in the whole can. Not bad, although there is really only 3 working ingredients here, the others don't have enough to matter and where are the B vitamins?


Total amount of mgs-1235

Over all rating-6.75/10

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  1. If you figure out how many calories are in this, can you lemme know? I looked all over the can and can't find it listed anywhere, which is just silly, since they list absolutely everything else. My mom's boyfriend actually picked this and one other cheap one (a buck each) for me from Liquidation World, and it's SO GOOD! I'm a bit of an energy drink fanatic myself, haha. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this blog from now on. (:

  2. 110 per serving :) Im glad you enjoy my blog! How did you find it?

    1. Ah! Thanks a ton. Not bad, I figured there'd be a fair amount since it tastes so damn good. Apparently not though. I was actually just googling trying to figure out the caloric content but came across this instead. Much better find, if you ask me. Now I know where to turn before I try out a new energy drink. (: