Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spike: 'Quila Lime review by Nick

This truly is 'Hardcore Energy' but, it comes a hardcore price of $3. I've never seen an energy drink with more warnings on it. Spike is one of the best, in terms of energy, that's for sure.

- All spikes have this unique flavor to them; this flavor is the taste of power, I'm serious, Spike just tastes powerful. I'm not sure how else to describe it. This one has a pretty strong lime flavor and since I really like lime, I really liked this taste. 'Quila Lime is definitely the best flavor of Spike. It's worth a try.
RATING - 9/10

Buzz - This blend if of the chain, son! This teeny little can has 300mg of caffiene, 1,500 mcgs of B12, and a 1,057 mg energy blend. Some people think that Wired X505 is hardcore but, just two of these cans, which would be 16oz, would have 600mg of caffeine! If Spike had a Wired X505 size can, it would have 900 mgs of caffeine! Spike is a beast, hands down. I can't give this a 10 because even though this drink is intense, it can't be compared to verve.
RATING - 9.9/10


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  1. Honeslty the taste isn't that great and the buzz? The warnings probably got to your head and caused a false illusion. All the extra B12 gets flushed out of your body anyways once your body has what it needs.