Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ol'glory by Nolan

Why does everything that's made in America or emphasizes America have to look cheap and generic when its defiantly not cheap or generic,take this can for instance.It says Americas best energy drink ha yeah right.And it figures i got this at wal mart where everything is made in china.
Taste-This tastes just like sprite,maybe a little less refreshing cuz its a tad bit syrupy
Buzz-It has some good ingredients but not much of them.50 mgs inostitol(wow) 50 mgs pantothenic acid(wow)50% RDA vit.b6,50% RDA vit.b12,250 mgs taurine,50 mgs caffeine,10 mgs guarana extract,10 mgs ginseng extract.I think That is the most inositol and pantothenic acid ive ever seen in a drink.
Total amount of mgs-520
Over all rating-6/10

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