Tuesday, March 17, 2009

420 Hemp Energy: Purple Dank review by Nick

Wow, epic name but, a cool name, sweet can design, and some lame phrases won't make this drink any better.

Taste - This drink tastes somewhat like Mad-Croc with grape flavor, and (i'm just taken a guess here) hemp. This drink is WAY worse than Mad-Croc but is somehow very similar; I mean with a name like Purple Dank, how good can this drink taste? Unlike most drinks the flavor actually improves as you keep drinking.
RATING - 6/10

Buzz - Well hemp seed extract doesn't work but, it is a witty gimmick. This drink has a very weak buzz. I guess they try everything nowadays.
RATING - 3/10



  1. i love purple dank budd I smoke it every day dowg