Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dang: Sugar free

Heyyyyy ya'lll! I'm super fucking hyper because I just slammed a monster heavy metal! I Love when energy drinks actually work on me! Because its not that often. So me and my brother a couple days ago went on a skate adventure downtown and we ended up on the west side at a quick stop shop and I found this and f bomb sugar free (which my mom threw away the next day).

Taste- So much better than the original it was shocking! Not only was it better than that sticky stale dusty drink, this was pretty damn good for a sugar free drink in general, let alone a generic red bull clone. It was refreshing and had a perfect crisp taste to it. Opposite of the original. If there were no labels saying sugar free or not many SF drinks would just win as an overall better drink.


Buzz- I slammed this drink in less than 5 minuets and was on my way skating again, it kept me going without getting worn out so I guess it did its job. Just your 4 B vitamins. 100% rda niacin. 80% vitamin B12. 240% B6 and 50% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-5.25/10

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