Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monster M-80-Nolan

This is my first review.And just to let you know i'm reviewing the drinks in the order that I drank them.So without further ado lets get started.

TASTE-Well this was sure juicy,it had some accents of pineapple,mango and was really thick.And it also get flat real quick.

RATING- 6/10

BUZZ-You can always get a guaranteed buzz from monster,and I think all the juice from this one helps because its more juice than sugar.I don't know about you but juice for some reason always gives me energy.This monster has 8mgs of vit. c,1.7 mgs of roboflavin,20 mgs of nacian,2 mgs of vit.b6,6 mgs of vit.b12,50 mgs of calcium,215 mgs of potassium,1000 mgs of taurine,200 mgs of ginsing and 2500 mgs of monsters energy blend(l-carintine,glucose,caffeine,guarana,inositol,glucuronolactone,maltodextrin)


Amount of mgs-4,oo2.70

Overall rating-7.7/10

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  1. Here in Belgium (and i guess the rest of Europe) those are called "Ripper" instead of "M-80".