Friday, June 5, 2009


Who hates lil john? Anybody with me?I hate lil john but I love his drink.

Taste-A good grape soda flavor with some other berry flavor but most of the flavor isn't from juice which makes it better to me.


Buzz-29 mgs vit.C.7.2 mgs vit.E.360 mgs vit.B1.1.6 mgs vit.B2.19 mgs vit.B3.1.9 mgs vit.B6.5.8 mgs vit.B129.6 mgs vit.B5.48 mgs calcium.11.5 mgs magnesium.3.5 mgs salenium.272 mgs.caffeine(96mgs)inositol,green tea,damiana,licorice,gaurana,l-tyrosine,horney goat weed,n acetyl,l-cysteine,ginko biobla,ginseng,grape seed,skull cap,white whillow,ashwaganda and milk thistle.That's a lot of cool stuff but theres barley any of it.


Total amount of mgs-344.10

Over all rating-6.75/10

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  1. this drink is now called grape acai