Sunday, April 1, 2012

Red Bull: Silver Edition

Tastes like the color.

Taste- I can tell you spot on hands down exactly what this tastes like. Have you ever sprayed bugs spray and accidentally got some in your mouth? Yup that's how this tastes. Its got the bug spray taste, bitterness and even the numbing sensation. Its like it actually has 5% deet. I really don't know what taste they were going for here but they ended up with bug spray.


Buzz- I figured out how you guys measure your ingredients. Its per milla litter (which I think is stupid). So this drink is 250 ml and has 32 mgs per 100 which adds up to 80 like an American Red Bull. I was miss leading on a lot of my foreign reviews but at least I can do it right now. Niacin we have 8 mgs. Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 with 2 mgs.


Total amount of mgs-46 per 100 ml

Over all rating-2.75/10


  1. so what are the ingredients in the blue red bull?????

  2. i find it takes like the small orange gumballs from halloween