Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wired: Lemonade

Slowly but surely finishing these California reviews. I was gone for a week to a music festival where I found 6 more drinks that I have to review. At least I'm not at a dry spell again. Its either nothing for a long time or a bunch of drinks at once.

Taste-Just your average tasting artificial lemonade. There is so much of a different taste between fresh squeezed lemonade made with real sugar and this crap made with artificial flavoring HFCS and about 10 unnatural ingredients including one that is known to be addictive and another that can be considered a poison.


Buzz- Was not expecting this from wired. I assumed it would be some crazy bad ass blend like all the other wired drinks Ive had. This is just insulting to the company. 50 mgs inositol. 47 mgs caffeine. 27 mgs taurine. 20 mgs niacin. 5 mgs vitamin B6. 90 mgs vitamin B12 and 5 mgs pantothenic acid. What is this a vitamin water with a ton of vitamin B12?


Total amount of mgs-254

Over all rating-5.25/10

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