Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimi hendrix liquid expirence by Nolan

The god of guitars...I don't think so.So many people are better I just don't have time to think of them all.Why don't we have a Nick Rupprecht energy drink or a Chuck Schneider drink.

Taste-The flavor is a smooth grape-cranberry mix with some orange,cherry and some light berry.Its lightly carbonated and silky smooth just like the can.But the grape does get kind of harsh in a way.


Buzz-960 mgs taurine.96 mgs caffeine,48 mgs inositol and a very poor amount of CoQ-10 .025 mgs.50% RDA pantothenic acid.80% vit.B12.240% vit.B6.100% niacin and 100% riboflavin.


Over all rating-6.5/10

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