Monday, April 20, 2009

Freek: Maniac, Evil Energy review by Nick

This freek is a maniac. A Goth's dream energy drink. The can is all black (with gray camo), it has a freak with a freaky earring called the Freekman on the cover, and it's called "Evil Energy." What more could a goth want?

- Maniac tastes like Mountain Dew + Sprite with a more sour/sweet taste to it and has a bit of a grapefruit taste (this drink is a lot like Brawndo). It also has a crazy radioactive yellow/green color to it.
RATING - 7.5/10

Buzz - Freek has an ok blend, per 8oz serving it has: 1016mg taurine, 102mg caffeine, 101mg inositol, 72mg vitamin C, 2mg vitamin B6, and 6mcg vitamin B12.
RATING - 5.5/10


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