Thursday, October 13, 2011


You can tell a drink isn't American by two things. The tab at the top and the amount of caffeine. Most drinks that arnt from the U.S have a squarish tab and have only 32 mgs of caffeine like this petty drink.

Taste- Not worth a 1.50 at all, I would so pay 50 cents more for a red bull or even a dollar if I had a choice. It just comes off bland compared to red bull (I know because I had one yesterday) I have more and more respect for RB the more I drink them and I never used to think this but they are on the top of the line for red bull flavored drinks. You just cant compare.


Buzz- This ones from the UK (which explains a lot) and only having 32 mgs of caffeine, as much as a can of coke. Half your DV or niacin and pantothenic acid. 100% vitamin B6 and B12. Like we say in America, go big or go home!


Total amount of mgs-46

Over all rating-2.75/10

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  1. Where did you pay 1.50? In England they're really cheap (like 30p a can or something). It's just a budget supermarket version of Red Bull, no wonder it doesn't taste as good.