Sunday, February 10, 2013

Popeye: Clobberin Clementine

I wonder who owns popeye now. Because his name is on spinach, energy drinks and who knows what else. But you gotta love it! He represents healthy ways to boost your energy and chase off annoying women.

Taste- Again, not really a big deal here just some sparkling grape juice with some apple juice and some clementine juice. Its actual clementine juice which is pretty cool and its a good amount of it too, its pretty tasty and refreshing but still dull. (I know, I contradict myself a lot)


Buzz- Only contains 160 mgs caffeine. All your B and C vitamins and 200 mgs of the juices. Somehow they think fruit juice is a great energy booster. Id rather have spinach Mr. Popeye!


Total amount of mgs-753

Over all rating-5.25/10

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