Friday, October 23, 2009

Mona vie

Out of all the annoying mml company's this is the most prized and sacred drink at almost four dollars a can. But if you find it you must get it, its amazing and defiantly one of my favorite energy drinks!

Taste-Mostly acia, I taste pomegranate juice but there is none. Theres acia, apple, grape, pear and some odd fruits acerola, cupuacu, camu camu and acerola. Tons of antioxidants and its a very sweet drink with a tad bit of bitterness and sweetened with 100% fruit juice. Its not amazingly good but with those fruits in here I have to give it props


Buzz-Does think drink beat verve? I don't know but its damn close! 16,025 mgs palatinose, d-ribose, gaurana, green tea, cha de burge, maca, yerba mate, ginseng and l-tyrosine. That is amazing this drink should win a award, I felt so good after drinking this, you can tell how the natural ingredients worked. 20 mgs pantothenic acid. 12 mgs vit.B12. 4 mgs vit.B6. 40 mgs niacin. 60 mgs vit.C and 15 mgs palatinose.


Total amount of mgs-16,176!!!!!

Over all rating-9.25/10

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