Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celsius:peach mango green tea by Nolan

Yeah so it doesn't say energy drink,but it has all the same ingredients,and the amazing taurine rules has it so I got it.It says you can burn up to 100 calories or more per can,wow that huge,not.And I payed 2.50 for this.

Taste-It tastes exactly like that snapple peach  green tea,but even less of a sugar free taste.If you didn't know you probley couldn't tell it was sugar free.


Buzz-Ok this is going to take awhile.60 mgs vit.c,1.7 mgs riboflavin,20 mgs niacin,2 mgs vit.b6,6 mgs vit.b12,300 mgs biotin,10 mgs pantothenic acid,50 mgs calcium and 50 mgs chromium.I could just say 100% RDA of everything.1,810 mgs taurine,gaurana,green tea leaf extract(10% egcg) caffeine,glucuronolactone and ginger extract.


Total amount of mgs-2,249.70

Over all rating-7/10

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