Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lost: Perfect 10 review by Nick

This is truly the low-cal energy drink of the gods. Outstanding flavor, Mean Kick, This is the best lo-cal drink your mouth will ever meet.

- "Why not zero calories you ask? Because calories taste good." And these 10 calories are some of the tastiest calories you'll ever eat (or drink, in this case). This drink tastes like the traditional Lost flavor along with that mysterious low-cal flavor and has a hint of a Smarties taste. This may sound odd but, trust me, this is soooooo delicious. I was really mad when i finished it. Ironically, I gave Lost: Perfect 10 a perfect score of 10.
RATING - 10/10

Buzz - Since Lost is made by Monster, the blend is pretty much the same, except they took out the ginseng (which doesn't make too much of a difference).
RATING - 9/10


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