Monday, March 23, 2009

Stoked: After Burn review by Nick

Another failed energy drink. :'( This one was decent. This one was a cocaine clone, of which there aren't many. The drink actually burns your mouth, not as much as cocaine but it still burns. Worth a try.

Taste - Strange taste. It's definitely a cocaine clone, it has that cayenne pepper in it, so it burns your mouth. I don't really enjoy this taste, cuz it dries out your mouth. This drink is an anti-thirst quencher; if your thirsty, DO NOT drink this drink because every sip makes you thirstier. I gave this a 6 just because its a cool taste, but to me it's more like a 1.5.
RATING - 6/10

Buzz - The worst Stoked for energy. This formula is like a toned down version of monster. Doesn't have much Caffeine (only 80mg) Not much buzz from this drink; I'd say its a below average buzz. and because this drink dehydrates you, it actually may decrease your energy.
RATING - 3/10


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