Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hype:alexander ovechkin

I want to thank edjunkie for sending me all these cool and rare drinks including this one which is very rare. This is the first hockey themed drink I have seen yet.

Taste-Its in between good tasting and puke tasting and its a red bull clone. Theres more musty taste than anything theres no other flavors just musty red bull.


Buzz-1420 mgs taurine. 114 mgs caffeine. 23.40 mgs Vit.C. 6.95 mgs Vit.B6. 3.90 mgs pantothenic acid. 3.90 mgs Vit.E. .73 mgs Vit.B3. .72 mgs Vit.B2. .46 mgs Vit.B1. .45 mgs Vit.B12. .15 mgs folate and .59 mgs biotin.


Total amount of mgs-1,574.88

Over all rating-

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