Monday, April 11, 2011

Stacker2:gyrating grape

There is so many bull shit energy products made by stacker and none of them work. Speed addicts resort to the pills when they need their fix. At least they got rid of all the stinger drinks and came out with these better tasting drinks. Most of them they just carried over the flavors but I found one new flavor. Too bad they still fail and get a place on big lots shelfs.

Taste- If I wanted to be mean I could say they taste like grape chewable vitamins (not the generic ones lol) but when you think about it, its not that bad especially for me being a grape pop hater. (only a few can pull it off)


Buzz- YAY! Vitamins! 100% rda vitamin B3 and B5. 250% vitamin B6 and 80% vitamin B12. These drinks are know for tasting just like the energy they give you.


Over all rating-4.25/10