Monday, April 20, 2009

Chinese Rocket Fuel Energy Drink review by Nick

Why would american drinks like Ol' Glory be made in china but "Chinese Rocket Fuel" is made right here in Florida?! Anyway, this drink has a neat oz counter on the side, so you know how many more oz till "Blast 0ff!"

Taste - This one tastes very strange. It is like a red bull clone but has that sweet candy flavor. Sometimes you get bit of a bitter taste. And most of the flavor tasted is in the back of the mouth and throat. Really Unique flavor here.
RATING - 6.5/10

Buzz - Caution: This drink has "2 Times The Energy!" of half of this drink!!!!! It doesn't list the amounts of the ingredients. I'm not sure what schizandra does but it couldn't do that much because I've never seen it in other drinks. Your lookin' at a below average buzz here...and i was expecting to "Blast Off!"
RATING - 3.5/10


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  1. 5 out of 10? No wayyyyy I give it a 10/10 this stuff rocks!