Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jump start:apple orchard

Well its the middle of the after noon,I'm getting tired/bored/fatigued so I reach for the perfect recipe,no not Snapple or grape jellie but a energy drink!

Taste-The nice lady at the small gas station said the prices on this were high so she let me and nick grab 2 extra,what a nice lady.But wow I was surprised its really good,you can taste green apple with a bit of sourness and not to much artificial flavor.Its perfect but not as good as slap apple green tea.I like the spooky apple orchard with the lightning design on the can.


Buzz-It did help out with the tiredness but that was probably just from the sugar.100% RDA vit.C,niacin and riboflavin.80% vit.B12.250% vit.B6 and 50% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-4.5/10

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