Friday, April 24, 2009

Pimp juice by Nolan

WARNING pure nastiness ahead!

Taste-So you've probley heard people say that drink tastes like liquefied candy or liquefied jolly ranchers,well nothing comes more close to that than this.Its gooey and slimy and appley,it tastes like someone had apple jolly ranchers and then coughed up a bunch of loogies and spit them into a can.This almost made me throw up its so gross.WARNING don't drink if your thirsty or hate thinking of flem.But some will like this.


Buzz-100% RDA vit.c,b12,b6,niacin,riboflavin,pantothenic acid.250 mgs d-ribose,100 mgs inositol,100 mgs gaurana,81 mgs caffeine and 7 mgs taurine.


Over all rating-2.5/10

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