Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hench hench

I heard this one is really rare. Hench hench is a word that means power and well being in many parts of the world.

Taste-Okay this is new it says I can drink it hot or cold,okay so I will.
COLD-Well a refreshing red bull clone that tastes okay.
HOT-I pour it out and it looks like dirty water. And it is carbonated. Wow not as bad as I thought it burns your nose when you smell it just like warm apple cider and yes it tastes just like apple cider with some carbonation! I guess you could do this with any RB clone. Although cold is still better hot isn't bad for something new.

Buzz-Cool they use flora from the jungle, they use this instead of caffeine. But flora (at least from what I read) isn't a one herb, it refers to plants in the jungle at a certain time? I don't know I'm really confused. But what I know this drink has is.45% RDA vit.C. 100% niacin,vit.B12, thiamin and pantothenic acid, also 250% vit.B6.


Over all rating-5/10

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