Monday, March 16, 2009

Amp:Traction by Nolan

This is one of the eight worthless amps that they say gives whatever,like this one says sustain because it has itsy bitsy amounts of maltodextrin and d ribose.
Taste-Not the worst artificial grape NRG drink ive ever had,probley one of the best when compared to drinks like nos grape and full speed grape.But that doesn't mean its good.
Buzz-A little improvement from original amp,at least its not in the decimals any more. 1.5 mgs riboflavin,20 mgs niacin,10 mgs pantothenic acid,20 mgs phosphorous,148 mgs taurine,146 mgs maltodextrin,124 mgs guarana seed extract,80 mgs caffeine,72 mgs d ribose and 17 mgs panax ginseng extract.This most likley wont sustain you.
Total amount of mgs-815.5
Over all score-4/10

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