Friday, April 6, 2012

Mega Force

I take back what I said about how I wish we had as many clones here in the states of you fella's in Europe. They are fucking boring to review lol. I just like the cans.

Taste- It tastes like a cheaply made red bull with low carbonation and a ton of fructose syrup with B vitamins for flavor.


Buzz- Hey! A part of its actually in English! 32 mgs caffeine (B2 6.4) (B3 2.) (4 B5) and 1 mgs B12.


Total amount of mgs-45.4 per 100 ml

Over all rating-3.75/10


  1. 9/10 new energy drinks I try in England just tastes like a poor clone of Red Bull / Rockstar. Gets boring for me and I don't even have to review them lol.

  2. i drink at lease 3 cans a day