Friday, July 8, 2011

Speed: Fuel

I found this can at a 7-11 in Chicago right after something very unbelievable happened. Me and my four friends were trying to enjoy a day in Chicago and we were smoking cigarettes on a bench right near millennium park when three lice (cops) pulled up on bikes and asked all of us for our Id's and when they asked my friend Jacob for his he said he didn't have it because he thought he didn't. So they checked him for no reason and found it, hand cuffed him and said he was going to jail over night because his dad said so (when his dad never even said those words on the phone) then they hand cuffed me to my friend for no reason. So after they were done breaking our cigarettes over my friend Cats head they gave a ticket to my friend Tyler for "being in possession of a sharpie maker" and "underage smoking" then gave me one for "contributing to minor smoking" and told us "to get the fuck back to Rockford". Please make it known and don't let this tyranny go on.

Taste- Like carbonated tang with a shocking chewable vitamin after taste. You cant tell its sugar free but the after taste is disgusting. You end up taking drink after drink to get rid of the vitamin taste but it always comes back haha.

RATING- 5.5/10

Buzz- 1815 mgs taurine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol, ginseng and gaurana. 140% RDA vitamins B2, B3, B5. 285% vitamin B6. 710 % Vitamin B12 and 35% vitamin C and folic acid.


Over all rating-5.75/10

Chicago police- -10000000000000000000/10


  1. wow! That's what you get for being a teenager in Chicago. That'll learn ya.

    Next time, film it.

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  3. I actually enjoyed this one. it tastes exactly like "Guers Orange Drink" a drink you can buy everywhere, and is available in schools. I could see how most wouldnt like it, but for Coal Country, USA it is one of the most important drinks (Next to Guers Ice Tea, and Yeungling Beer.)