Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slap:frost-low cal by Nolan

Now if this isn't cool,I don't know what is.(pun intended)

Taste-At first I just thought it was a nasty sugar free red bull clone,but then it hit me a cool rush,kind of like the coolness you get from a strong peppermint but not minty,very cool.It builds and the feeling gets stronger as you drink.I have to give it major points for being unique,and this defiantly beats stoked wind chill.


Buzz-There 9.0 blend which contains3,826 mgs of isomaltulose,taurine,maltidextrin,caffeine,niacin,gaurana,pyridoxine hydrochloride(B3) and cyanocobalamin(B12).Also 50% RDA vitamin.B3,B6 and B12.


Over all rating-9.25/10