Saturday, March 21, 2009

Venom:killer taipan by Nolan

Here is one of the two new venom's.

Taste-very very sticky and icky,way way to sweet and not even enjoyable.I look on the ingredient list and it doesn't even show any real fruit juice,that's really bad.I don't recommend getting this one you should get the original if you want a venom.They had more than a year to make two really good drinks and they failed.But it does still taste like mango,artificial syrup mango flavoring.


Buzz-Nothing is different here.


Total amount of mgs-3,290.7

Over all rating-5/10


  1. I totally disagree with your rating as I tried both of the new flavors, as I happened to glance at the rack and seen two new bottles of venom energy. I was thinking I would only like to try the fruit punch as I don't really care for Mango products. I enjoyed the fruit punch but more than anything, I was suprised on how much I enjoyed the taste of this Mango Flavored Energy Drink. It's unique and different. I hope to see other posts from other people on their thoughts, but I would definitely give them a higher rating than what you did, but your entitled to your opinion. Im just giving mine as I would tell people to at least try it, because you might enjoy it.

  2. I woulda given it an 8 for taste but i'm not nolan

  3. Hey i was just wandering where u ended up buying these 2 new Venom's because i can't find them anywhere at all! I don't know if u have "hook ups" with the company or what but i cant find them, maybe they havent been released in the MidWest were i live in America i dont know? So if u could get back with me on this at my email it would be great!

    -Brandon email:

  4. you can find these venom drinks at Cub Foods. Well that is where i have gotten mine and they usually have them stocked.

  5. (In response to the first anonymous: These new Venoms are kind of hard to find even though they're a pretty big release. If you're experienced with the online energy drink blogs there's a lot of people who're excited about these new releases but unfoprtunitely a lot of places haven't picked up on the release and those that have are charging exorbinent amounts of cash for these (one gas station that I went to was selling these for $3.70 a piece; the guy rang up each flavor for a total of $7.40, I turned around, put them on the display and as I walked out said "Fuck you" right to him).

    I had better luck at a local Shell station but then again that place has so many rare drinks like Cocaine and Hype (both of which aren't on this site) so you're probably going to have to look at some prominent gas stations and some convienience stores might have this stuff but a lot probably won't.

    Personally though I really liked this drink; it tasted exactly like a pina colada when you chug it so I think it'll be a huge success in the alcohol/club scene.

  6. Good drink ur review is gay i hate the original venoms but like this one

  7. I got my complimentary venom mango drink on a chartered ski trip to Killington Vermont. It is the best energy drink I ever had and it tastes like a mango smoothie. If you prefer straight warm russian vodka for a buzz, you will not like the venom drink.

    1. Killer taipan is my favorite flavor...I was surprised with the fruit punch. can't beat the mango though. Better than the original. As far as energy though..five hour shots do it for me. This didn't leave me wired.