Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 in 3 trinity by Nolan

Ok if you know me well enough then you know I'm a christian.Man every body and there brother has an energy,now we got a christian one,but I'm glad to see they got one and most of the proceeds are tithed,so you can defiantly feel good drinking this.
Taste-Not so good,very disappointed.Ha it says infused with the fruits of the holy spirit.Dont see any juices in here but they mean love,joy peace patience kindness.This tastes like its sugar free but its not,I just cant put my finger on the taste but I know ive tasted it before.
Buzz-At least you can expect holy energy from dis.100% RDA vit.c,b3,b12 and 50% vit.b5 and 190% vit.b6 also 1000 mgs taurine 50 mgs caffeine,25 mgs ginseng,ginko biloba,inositol and d-glucuronolactone.
Over all rating-4.5/10



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