Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guru: 2.0

Went out to the new york city area with my friends these past couple days and you know my main goal was to find some awesome new drinks. I especially thought I would find some downtown in all those convenience stores but I really didn't. Although I found quite a few at all the health food stores they have, including this one of course.

Taste-Very very earthy tasting. My friend absolutely hated it but its actually kind of good in a bad way. Its only flavored with organic evaporated cane juice so the flavor is pretty much from the rest of the ingredients which are for energy. I like tasting what you're really drinking, and you can only get that in energy drinks.


Buzz-I LOVE organic. If I had the money I would buy everything organic. And when you see that seal it mean everything in the product is completely organic. This drink contains. 1350 mgs gaurana (equals 125 mgs caffeine) echinacea flower, ginseng and ginko biloba. Now much but a solid 4 ingredients. They don't even bullshit around and add pointless B vitamins. Points for being organic and having a solid blend.


Total amount of mgs-1350

Over all rating-6.75/10

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