Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zun: Lite

Taste- As soon as I open the can I could smell how awesome this drink was going to be. It had a blue bubble gum smell and taste without tasting sugar free at all. In my head I was saying I'm going to give this a ten for sure, but a drink has to be absolutely perfect tasting for that and it was a tincy bit lite on flavor but that's a definite exception for being so good and how low on sugar it was. Better than the original and I like how it was a totally different flavor.


Buzz- A brain boosting drink. I would buy these on the regular if I could. I love the idea of enhancing your mind naturally to think and feel more clearly. Most energy drinks take the route with vitamins and caffeine that affect your body more than mind and kind of are just blah. There needs to be more drinks like this.415 mgs CoQ10 (a natural substance in your body that turns food into energy) choline (again, something already in your body. A chemical in your brain that helps your concintration) and taurine. With 75 mgs caffeine and 70% rda vitamins E,C,B12 and B6. We could have more ingridients here but drinks like these would end up costing 7 dollars a can. Too bad they will never make them because I would buy them! This drink gets points for being one of the few drinks of its kind and hopefully the start of something new. But it fails on the amount of mgs. Still enough to have an effect for sure, but there could be so much more!


Over all rating-8.75/10

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  1. seems nice time to go on ebay... i wast eso much cash buying 1 drink here n there n paying for shipping rather than a place that sells all of them together... :( any names of a palce that can do that? its tom bennett (uK) from facebook .. lol